Radiant Life Worship!
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The Worship Ministry here at "Radiant Life Church" operates in this simple truth: True worship treasures God’s presence. At "Radiant Life Church," we seek to encounter God in our times of corporate worship. It is not about us - it is all about Him. Our goal is to help each person turn their eyes from themselves, from their problems, their interests, and their distractions, to see Jesus high and lifted up. As we begin to see Him, He is honored and glorified and we are transformed.

Our team, led by Bridgette Kern, spends time in preparation each week so that they are able to come before God with excellence as they lead us in worship. The task set before the worship ministry is to create an atmosphere of true worship so that God has the freedom to move in the hearts and lives of all in attendance.

Join us this Sunday at 10Am and experience worship as we seek to give our best to God in spirit and in truth. Our goal is the balance - worship based on the truth of God's revealed word that also engages your heart, your mind and your will as we encounter the reality and beauty of our God.

Below is some general information, about the different areas of our Worship Ministry. It will offer more info on any area that may interest you.


The Vocalist Team is comprised of 8-10 members with a specific gifting in the area of singing. These individuals commit to a weekly schedule of practice and preparation, in order to achieve excellence in their area of ministry.

The purpose of the vocalists is two-fold: 1To bring spiritual and musical support to the worship leader, and 2to challenge each other in their personal worship lifestyle, encouraging individual growth and accountability. Through practices, prayer, times of study and fellowship, the worship team experiences well-rounded growth, in both their skill and in their personal relationships with others and with Christ.


The musicians in the "Radiant Life Music Ministry" are people who have a specific gifting in the area of playing instruments, and wish to use that gifting to further the kingdom and edify the church.

Music Director David Jones (D-Bass) oversees this area of the Music Ministry, and leads the band members in services as well as in practices. Arrangements, original song production, and instrumentation, are all areas that play a large part in creating an atmosphere of worship, and these are the areas where the musicians put their talents to work. They, along with the worship team come together as one ministry team to lead the "Radiant Life Music Ministry" team in worship on Sunday mornings.

Sound And Media

This department covers 3 areas that are more “behind the scenes.” Those areas are Sound, Video/Powerpoint, and Lighting. While these areas are “behind the scenes,” they are vital to the success of every single service. Without them no other area can successfully function. The sound and media technicians are the unsung heroes of the worship ministry, doing so much work and receiving very little credit. It is this kind of humility that embodies the very best of what we hope to achieve as people of God.

If you are interested in working in any of these departments, fill out the contact form below for more information.